Ingredients for marination

  1. One 10-12 pounds turkey.
  2. 1 cup orange juice.
  3. Grated zest from orange.
  4. Salt as per requirement.
  5. Pepper as per requirement.
  6. ½ a cup fresh rotisserie leaves.


  • Wash the turkey under cold running water and pat it dry, then remove excess fat from skin and keep it ready.
  • Keep the turkey inside plastic zipper bag, add the marinade to bag and shake well for mixing.
  • Refrigerate the turkey zipper bag for 6 hours.
  • Now drain and load the turkey onto the spit rod assembly as per manufactures instruction and roast until instant meat reading thermometer registers 175 on inserting it to the thickest part of turkey thighs (usually it takes 10-15 min roasting per pound).

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